- Tea Break & Refreshment will be arranged by the organizer

- Handout & Writing Materials will be provided by the organizer

- Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis

- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

- Marketing & Sales Executives/Managers
- Business Professionals
- Field Executives
- Head of the Departments
- Team Leaders
- Trainers & Teachers
- All Client Facing Personnel
- Professionals at all levels who require delivering presentation in front of internal/external customers in meetings, seminars, trainings.

The Art of Killer Presentation Skills

Training Objective
Presentation is a form of communication, a sensible interaction between humans to convey messages of different kinds. Messages can be structured to inform, convince and can even function as a medium for people to form bonds and judge other individuals. Thus, having effective presentation skill is important to attain these goals and create good reputations. Presentation and negotiation Skills in any profession is an art of getting the attention of the audience and enthralling them with ideas or performance. It will rest assure to end win-win as a result of the entire professional conduct which serves the purpose, gain business and long lasting relationships.

The Art of Killer Presentation Skills is an interactive live workshop with so much of practice and experiential exercise for today’s professionals to maintain their professionalism.

How this training is different?

"The Art of Killer Presentation Skills" not a traditional 'Lecture Based' training, rather a '4 STEP' effective learning session, where there will be so much of practices & experiential learning:

Step-1: PRE ASSESSMENT (Pre session assessment of participants)
Step-2: Delivery based on PRE ASSESSMENT
Step-3: POST ASSESSMENT (Post session assessment of participants)
Step-4: "Implementing Learning" (Key Points Learned from the workshop
My SMART Action Plan)

Key Benefits:
Enhancing the value of your solution to your clients and team members by making super impactful presentation when it really matters

Training Methodology: Adult Learning Methodology

Learning Techniques: Individual Exercise, Group Presentations, Role Plays, AV, Facilitator Led Discussions, Interactive workshop style

Training Content
Session: 01

PRE ASSESSMENT: Pre session assessment of participants

>> Business Presentation :: WHAT, WHY
>> Concept of Business Presentation
>> Effective Communication :: Elements, Implication
>> What makes a Presentation Effective

Session: 02

>> Planning for the Presentation
>> Understanding the audience
>> Key things to communicate
>> Managing Time
>> Understanding the venue
>> Setting up
>> Handling presentation technology

Session: 03

>> Delivering the Presentation
>> Handling the session formalities
>> Mapping audience expectations
>> Setting session objectives
>> Keeping the session on track
>> Staying on time
>> Handling difficult members of the audience
>> Handling queries
>> Handling emotions
>> Handling humor in presentation
>> Non Verbal Communication : presenter plus audience
>> Verbal Communication : presenter's
>> Examples of poor presentation
>> Examples of great presentation
>> Session Documentation
>> Summing up the session
>> Calling for action : taking the mission forward
>> Key Parameters for assessing a Presentation

Session: 04

>> Activities post the presentation
>> Honoring commitments made during session
>> Session documentation
>> Acknowledging participants' presence
>> Follow Up action with decision makers

POST ASSESSMENT: Post Workshop Assessment of participants

>> Implementing Learning
- Key Points Learned from the workshop
- My SMART Action Plan
Facilitator(s) Profile
* Available for In-House/Customized training